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Post by roeditor » Thu Jul 30, 2020 3:49 pm

The August edition of the RO is now on-line as a PDF on the Society website.

However whilst our printers are still working with a depleted workforce, the production cycle is taking rather longer and although the print version has been despatched to them for printing, it seems unlikely that you will see it on your doorsteps before mid-month.

I am sure you are all still digesting your three months back issues which we sent out a couple of weeks back and hopefully are not yet suffering 'lack of RO' withdrawal symptoms!

Hopefully you will also have been entertained by the varied articles produced over the recent three issues and will find the same degree of variety in the August RO when you finally receive it.

Again, thanks to all those who responded to our calls for additional material for the magazine, and also to the RO editorial team who to varying degrees all had to work that much harder to deliver the goods.

However, to those of you who still have tales to tell or images to display, please keep up the good work by continuing sending us such material as we have no idea how long the 'emergency' situation on the rail network will last, and with it the reduction in the scale of current news, images etc
that we receive. Historical articles and images are always of interest and if not immediately used, will go into our now growing archive of material for possible future publication, so keep up the good work.

Finally, if you are a RO print groupie who has yet to try looking at the E-mag edition, do give it a go. You may well be surprised at just how useful it is, not least the archive search facility which allows you to quickly accessing specific articles from previous years issues, that would otherwise involve you rummaging through your personal RO collections whether in office of attic!



Mike Robinson --
Managing Editor - The Railway Observer

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